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Barns Green Traffic Group Latest Report

Published: 20 Nov 19

The following Report was presented to the Parish Council at its meeting in October and the recommendations will be considered by the Council in due course

Barns Green Traffic Group (a sub-committee of Itchingfield Parish Council) apply for a mini roundabout at Village Crossroads

Published: 7 Sep 18

Please see link below for the Barns Green Community Application for a Mini Roundabout at Village Crossroads

New Neighbourhood Development Plan Website

Published: 31 Jul 18

In order to pull together all the NDP information in one place a new website has been developed which can be accessed here

Itchingfield and Barns Green Emergency Plan

Published: 22 Sep 17

The Parish Council is in the process of up-dating its Emergency Plan and hope that anyone living within the Parish might be willing to assist in case of an emergency of any kind. If you have kindly volunteered your services in the past, please kindly do contact us again so we can update our records with your details. The purpose of the plan is to provide a self-help guide to the resources available within the community. To support it in a crisis and the particular procedures to be followed for a specific crisis. This is especially important if the emergency services or relevant local authority support is delayed due to the scale and nature of the emergency. By becoming more resilient, the community can complement the work of the local emergency services and reduce the impact of an emergency on the community. It is hoped that in doing this, the community will be better prepared to co-ordinate any community response with the emergency services. As a local resident you may have equipment available that could be utilised in the case of an emergency such as a 4x4 vehicle, chain saw, ladder, water pump, portable generator etc. The other way you can assist is if you have specific skills, i.e. doctor, nurse, police officer, first aider, tree surgeon, mechanic, electrician, plumber or good at hill walking in poor weather and can join a search party. If you are willing to assist in any way it would be very much appreciated if you could kindly let the Parish Council have the following information by email to: emergency@itchingfieldparishcouncil.gov.uk Name .... Address..... Landline Tel number.... Mobile number ..... Skills .... List of equipment kept locally. Itchingfield Parish Council

Anti Social Driving and Speeding in the Parish

Published: 12 Mar 17

The Parish Council has recently set up a sub-committee called: The Barns Green & Itchingfield Traffic Group. The committee plans to measure and monitor traffic flows in our area (volunteers will be needed) and then suggest traffic calming measures. Your concerns, opinions and suggestions on speeding, anti-social driving and infrastructure would be useful so please send them to: info@BGTraffic.co.uk If you see anti-social driving, please don't tolerate it, but report it to: Operation Crackdown. This website is run by the police and logged incidents will add weight to our suggestions for improvements. www.operationcrackdown.org. or Tel: 01243 642222. Also if you see potholes, damage to grass verges, overgrown vegetation, damaged signage please report these to: West Sussex County Council at www.westsussex.gov.org